Secondary Operations

Onsite finishing touches for production runs.

For some production runs secondary equipment is required to help finish parts for customers. At Midwest Screw Products, Inc. we employ a variety of equipment to finalize these products. Although much of our equipment is able to create products to completion, if needed our team is trained to use additional equipment to meet specifications.


If additional slots need to be cut into a product or small holes drilled our team is here to finish the part to specifications. We can easily work delicate items into our production run with the help of additional milling.


Depending on the material and product run some parts may need additional deburring before they are ready for shipping. Our team will take the time to remove burrs, shine, and polish parts when needed.


When products need basic assembly before shipping we can work assembly into the production. So whatever your assembly needs are we are able to accommodate based on production needs and requirements.