Quality Control

Inspection across production from start to finish.

Quality is of the utmost importance to our team. We know that our customers’ parts are critical to their supply chain and products. Our entire team plays a part in ensuring that parts meet client specifications at each step in production.

First Article Inspection

Once our team has set up production for a part we put the first few pieces through a thorough inspection. From this inspection we can make adjustments and know what critical dimensions need to be watched based on the run. We do not start production until we have thoroughly vetted the first pieces of each run.

Line Inspection

Each day the Quality Control team makes rounds to check on our operators and parts in production. These line inspections compliment our operators statistical process control (SPC) paperwork. This paperwork focuses on critical dimensions and guides operators through an inspection regularly during production.

Final Inspection

Our Quality Control team checks a sample size relevant to the production count of each and every part we make before it goes out the door. We check that critical dimensions are met, threads are in compliance, tolerances are met and more.

At Midwest Screw Products, Inc. we use a variety of equipment to check parts throughout production. Two of our key machines are the KEYENCE Vision System and Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine. These help verify accurate results on our products and provide exact measurements through technology. All of our measurement equipment is tested and calibrated on a regular schedule.