Trusted vendors and custom packaging solutions.

For some products additional steps after machining are required. Our team at Midwest Screw Products, Inc. is able to meet all of your finishing needs. We work with local vendors or inhouse staff to ensure that every product specification is met.

Heath Treating and Plating

Some external processes our team is unable to complete inhouse. For these projects we trust locally sourced vendors who take as much care and precision with products as we do. Our trusted partners can heat treat parts to reach hardening and tempering product specifications. For plating we have several partners who can do hard coat anodizing, zinc plating, electroless nickel plating, phosphating and more.

The Minneapolis/ St. Paul area is a great source for external vendors capable of handling a variety of needs. The vendors we work with are highly trusted and truly our partners. We never accept a new partnership without taking them through our thorough vetting process. We’ve been in partnership with many of our vendors for decades.

Packaging Solutions

Once our team is finished with a product we know the job isn’t done yet. We want every piece to arrive undamaged to our customers every time. For some products this means additional packaging to protect each part individually. We create customers solutions when needed including utilizing egg crates, individual bagging, stacking, dividers, foam filler, and more.

We can also work with our customers’ internal logistics team when it comes to packaging. Using our customers own internal packaging and label system so everything is accounted for and ready for distribution upon arrival.