Midwest Screw Products, Inc. creates custom machined products for customers across industries to meet their unique needs.

Our customers cover a wide variety of industries and can speak to the fact we have strong capabilities. We will take on difficult parts that other companies have struggled to make in the past. We’re ready for any challenge. Submit a quote today and find out just how we can help your team.

Machining Department

Because the quality of our customers’ parts is a reflection of us, we help select the right machine for every part. We know that all production runs are different and work with each customer to provide quick turn around, precision, and accuracy to meet supply needs while assuring the precise quality you require.

Quality Control

We go beyond delivering the product on time. Our staff is trained in the use of statistical process control (SPC) to meet the requirements of today’s tightly scheduled and quality conscious manufacturing environment. As a certified supplier to many industrial customers, our parts can be sent directly to the shop floor for assembly.

Finished Inventory

We understand that multiple deliveries, exact box quantities, sizes, and weights, even bar coding to AIAG standards for individual boxes and skids can be critical. Call us with your specific needs and we will work within the parameters of your situation.

CNC Services

Screw Machining Services

Quality Control Services

3 9/16″ Acme 6 Spindle
2 1″ Acme 6 Spindle
8 1 1/4″ Acme RA 6 Spindle
2 1 5/8″ Acme RB 6 Spindle
1 2″ Acme RB 6 Spindle
3 2 5/8″ Acme RB 6 Spindle
8 OOG Brown & Sharpe, 1/2 Capacity
1 #2 Brown & Sharpe, 3/4 Capacity
3 #2 Brown & Sharpe, 1 1/4 Capacity
3 #2 Brown & Sharpe, 1 1/2 Capacity
3 Hardinge Hand Screws
1 Hardinge Speed Lathe
1 Hardinge HC Chucker
3 Horizontal Mills
3 Bridgeport Mills
1 Bridgeport Mill with Digital Read-Out
5 Drill Press
3 Drill Grinders
3 Surface Grinders
2 Sheffield Form Grinders
1 Brown & Sharpe Tool & Cutter Grinder
1 Cincinnatti Monocet Tool & Cutter Grinder
1 Royal Master Centerless Grinder
1 Sunnen Hone
2 Engine Lathes
1 Vapor Degreaser
2 Zeny Thread Roller
1 Avey Tap Driver
2 Daewoo Lynx 200 CNC Turning Center with Bar Feed
1 Star SA-16 CNC Swiss with Live Tooling & Bar Feed
1 Star SA-20 CNC Swiss with Live Tooing & Bar Feed
1 KSI Swiss SQC- 20 mm 7 axis, Full C-Axis Main & Sub Spindle Bar Feed
1 Haas VF-2D Machining Center
1 Daewoo PUMA 8S CNC Turning Center with Bar Feed
1 Takisawa Model TC-1 CNC Turning Center
1 Takisawa Model TX-20 Lathe
1 Dynamyte 4500 CNC Machining Centers
1 KIA V25p Machining Center with Pallet Changer
1 Omni Turn Hardinge HC Chucker CNC Lathe
1 Omni Turn GT 75 Lathe
1 Prodigy GT-27 Lathe
1 Zeis Coordinate Measuring Machine
3 Optical Comparators’s
2 Bendix Profilometer’s
2 Air Gages
Webber Certified Gage Blocks
Indicator Micrometers
Ring Gages, Thread Gages
Pipe Thread Gages, Plug Gages