CNC Lathes

Producing quality products when dimensions are critical.

CNC lathes are some of the most versatile machines here at Midwest Screw Products, Inc. Depending on the specifications we can run parts to completion on CNC lathes or utilize the machines for secondary operations. Production runs with smaller quantities are typically run through our CNC lathes as they can provide tight tolerances with a shorter set-up time.

Several of our CNC lathes are equipped with automatic bar feeders making them available for overnight unattended production runs. This can help drive down costs and produce parts quickly for our customers. We also have machines with live milling and drilling which allows our team to perform multiple operations on a part all within one cycle.

Our team truly shines with CNC lathes for products with very tight tolerances. We’re here to understand your part and create the highest quality product. When dimensions are critical you can trust that our team will take the utmost care to produce an extraordinary product.